How does US government work?

This video gives quick overview over the division of power in the US government. It may explain why Barack Obama awaits congress approval to intervene in Syria.


Next generation virtual reality is finally moves into public

The Oculus Drift is an amazing way to deepen virtual experience and emerge into virtual world.

Right now this technology starts going into public. The first people to experience it are going to be gamers; them, it’s going to general public.

I can already see application in the relaxation industry and different forms of entertainment. for example, meditation online experience combined with headphones and Oculus Rift is going to approach virtual even more to real and make relaxation experience more enjoyable and relaxing.

Well, let’s wait till the price of this thing comes down!

What is happening in Cyprus?

The current situation of Greek economy is bad, and it’s going to stay this way for awhile. However, Greek crisis is not only limited to Greece, it affects the whole Mediterranean  region. Today, its consequences reach the Republic of Cyprus. Even though the economy of Cyprus continues functioning, Harris Georgians, who represents Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance of Cyprus, says that  it is going to collapse in the next three to four days.
According to Cyprus bailout shakes markets :”Eurozone finance ministers demanded on Sunday that Cypriots pay up to 10% of their bank deposits in exchange for a €10bn (£8.5bn) bailout… The Cyprus government tries to accomplish this through extreme austerity measures such as rising taxes on bank accounts of Cyprus citizens. Citizens are expected to pay 6-9% percent of their bank savings.  The later action has provoked big discontent among different social classes. As a result, numerous protests are taking place across the Republic of Cyprus and people are taking as much money as they can from their accounts.
This situation is plus one to many financial problems that EU is facing right now.


The culture is human made creature which does not have a heart and consciousness. Still, this soulless being exis


God as a unity

Feel the moment

Do you know this moment?

A moment when you walk in the corridor, and there is this person that you’ve met before. You don’t know him enough to say hello, or you think that he should say it first. The same is true for this person. You glimpse at him while walking; he does the same to you, nothing happens.However, if you try to concentrate on your emotions and focus on other person’s behavior, you’ll find the strength of this moment. You’ll be able to observe the forces that both attract and repel you.


I was walking in the corridor then there was this girl. I met her before, we talked once, like six months ago.

I looked at her, she looked at me. I didn’t want to say hello or something. I just observed (I enjoy observing world around me).

No, No, I didn’t stare or anything, I hate when people do this. I just glimpsed at her two or three times.

The last glimpse was a bit longer than 3 seconds. I looked directly in her eyes. I was full with anticipation. What would happen?

Then, I saw her eyes, she was looking directly at me,

I continued looking, and I saw for a short instant in her eyes confusion, question, and doubt. Her eyes started looking for another fixed point,

in an attempt to break the short connection formed between us for 1 or 2 seconds.

Finally, she looked at the floor.

We passed each other and never met again.


You may call me weird, but once you try it yourself, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Inspiring video

The Aghori is Shaivit Hindu sect which is known for their extreme and outlandish violations of typical Indian and other social mores, as well as their unorthodox, taboo rites. I believe this video tries to show the particularity of Aghori view through the dance.

My, my creation!

I can hear it. Her voice, Her calm and sweet voice. She looks at me and smiles.

No, no. Please don’t… Look at the floor. Hide my eyes.

Oh noo! My, My hands are shaking, my heart starts beating faster.I know this feeling,

It’s the same as the first time I saw her

Quick,This feeling, I should suppress it. I should destroy it before it takes control of my entire body.

She is calling me!! She wants to talk to me!

No, I can’t, I should not. She is a real one!!!!

If I talk to her, it will destroy the divine statue of her that I built in these years, these sleepless nights.

I can’t talk to her. If I do, it will destroy her. The statue that I carefully shaped in my imagination.

This perfect being that I visit in my lucid dreams.

I cannot kill her, the ideal her is too precious for me. Virtual her is my goddess,

The real one is just ugly attempt to…. She is just human, like me, and everybody else.

No, no, no.. She is calling me again! What should I do?

She is approaching. Fast, think, I should protect my creation, once and for all.

I feel this power, she is giving it to me. I and my creation will be together till I die!

Each time, I close my eyes, I see you, The perfect you!

She touches my shoulder. I quickly turn, and jump on her.

I squeeze her neck with my hands, I’m not shaking anymore. I know what needs to be done.

I look at her eyes, I see her soul living this flesh, she is nothing, just human, like you and me.

She stops resisting  after two minutes.

I let her human body go, it hits the floor, everyone is looking at me,

I don’t care, I protected my goddess, my creation, nothing will separate us anymore and nothing can harm us.

I close my eyes…

She is there, looking at me and smiling.

Her calm and sweet voice….

Help me, I’m afraid!

Where am I?

It’s cold and dark out here. It smells terrible, I cannot breath.

I hear slowly approaching footsteps. I feel this.

He is here. What do I do? I cannot move.

No, he knows where I am. Some one help me!

Don’t, Don’t do this to me. No, don’t cut me. AHHHHhhh My body, my body is ….


He left. When will it  all end? I can’t take it anymore. I won’t last long.

I don’t wanna die, I’m too young and … Why it’s me not someone else?

God please! Save me!

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