Why did I start a blog?

  • One freezing morning, I realized that my life had been meaningless and just after realizing it, my bubble  of values and traditions, which had been growing since my birth, exploded. Fortunately, I didn’t fall into an extreme depression. In fact, this enlightenment shifted dramatically my view of the world.

Since then, I have decided to find the meaning of life. My plan of actions is simple; I am going to learn as much as I can about this world and I’ll share discovered ideas through  my blog, so that everyone can profit freely from it and correct me, if I make mistakes. I don’t know what results I’ll get; however, I’m sure,  this experience is going to enrich my knowledge of this world and, hopefully, help to achieve my goal  .

Why is my English writing is so bad?

  • I think that is because English isn’t my first language. I’m very sorry for  my mistakes. I hope that after some practice and with  help of readers, I am going to improve it.

What will I write about?

  • I’ll write about my observation in everyday life and my hobbies. My hobbies are playing chess, reading philosophy and science.

One response

  1. Very nice and meaning-full blog! Thanks for following my blog. 🙂

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