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Playing with logic #3

Life is short; consequently, we don’t have enough time to accomplish all our dreams. If you accomplish your dreams, than you have had enough time. Therefore, your life has not been short.

There is a logical fallacy in it.



As long as you don’t make a choice, every possible choice stays possible.

-Mr. Nobody

Playing with logic #2

Assumption is a  piece of not verified information that is considered by an individual to be true. Everyday human   expectations are mostly built on the assumptions. For example, every day we wake up, we expect the sun to be in its place or that no one from our family have died during the night. If human predictions are mostly built on the uncertain information, then humans cannot know what is going to happen to them in future.  If humans do not know that, then it is impossible to be prepared. Therefore, people life is full of surprising moments.






You wake up, look around you. Everything is the same, nothing have changed. Everyday, the same things happen: talking with friends, working, reading favorite book, watching movie, laughing with loved ones … The continuous circle repeats itself till you can’t move and breathe. Of course, you can fool yourself by eating in a restaurant every week or month, going to a movie theater ones a week or  year. You believe that changes your routine life, but still you have the feeling that  nothing have changed. However, changes happen around us continuously. The fact that you read this post proves it, for as you read this, your eyes are continually change their position. Also,  the Earth continually travels around the Sun. Why don’t we feel it? Probably because we are not used to it or we don’t know where to look and how to look. I’m not this kind of authors who give long instruction how people should live their life. Instead, I’m going to give you part of my wisdom based on everyday observations, “Try to be aware (pay attention to your emotions and senses) of the world around you and the world in you.”