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Playing with logical rules

Human senses deceive them in many cases, and they cannot know when senses deceive them. Humans experience the world through their senses which means life is a set of senses. Therefore, humans cannot know if they are actually alive.


Why international powers are so interested in the Arctic?

Arctic riches

Global Warming makes the Arctic more accessible to tourists and, more importantly, to resource exploitation machinery. According to the US Geological Survey, the Arctic, supposedly, has 13% of world’s undiscovered oil and 30% of its undiscovered gaz. The value of these resources increases as the supply for them decreases and as the demand for them rises.  In addition, the tension over the Arctic is magnified by the fact that there is no state that owns the Arctic region. As a result, political powers that surround Arctic try to push their boarders toward the Arctic resource treasury, while increasing their military presence in the Arctic region in an effort to secure their part of Artic resources.  Those powers are Canada, Denmark, Russia, Norway, and the United States. These countries search to maximize their control over some Arctic regions which lead, in some cases, to diplomatic conflicts. For example, in 2007,  when Russian scientists planted the Russian flag at the sea bed of North Pole, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister immediately described this action as inacceptable because, even though, it has not been proven yet, the North Pole is a part of Canadian territory and, therefore, its property. Needless to say that the Arctic question will generate more international conflicts in the future for it is clear that political powers will not miss the chance to acquire Arctic resources and, consequently, significantly shift the balance of political power on their side.

What will happen with your length, if you approach the speed of light?

To answer this question, we need to know Lorentz contraction formula.


L = L_0 \cdot \sqrt{1-\frac{v^2}{c^2}}.

L – is the length of an object as a function of its velocity v with respect to an observer

L0 – is the length of the object at rest

c – is the speed of light


Analysis of the function:
  • As approaches the speed of light, the relation (v^2)/(c^2) approaches 0.99999999999…  When we subtract this number from 1, we get 0.000…1 . After, we take square root of this number, we get an infinitely small number. Then, this number is multiplied by L0 which gives us, again, an infinitely small number. Therefore, as the object approaches the speed of light his length shrinks to infinitely small value.

Graph of Lorentz contraction formula:


Radical Idea

I’m going to move forward no matter what. I wont care what others think and say. I will accomplish my goals and attain perfection. I will resist the pressure of society and friends. I will understand everything and everyone. I will learn how the world works. I will make my dreams come true. I will grasp the ultimate wisdom.  I will unite  angels and demons which live inside me to make me stronger. I will never turn back. I wont give up. Nothing will stop me.

 Stop planning and Start doing!

If someone who is a human can do something, you are also  able to do it since you are  a human. 

College versus High School


Every year, students graduate from high school and enter college. This transition can be challenging for some students because their responsibility changes significantly in college. Although, high school and college are important for your future, demands are much higher in college. In high schools, teachers care about your success: they ask you leading questions if they see that you do not understand their subject, and they inform you when you need to work more on some aspects. On the contrary, in college, this perspective reverses; education becomes entirely student’s responsibility.   For example, if school student fails mathematic, math teacher may help him by giving an extra quiz our test, but when you are a college student, you should ask the teacher for an extra assignment. To conclude, the studying style transforms from passive to active when you pass from high school to college. The useful advice for high school students is “If you graduate next year, you had better start becoming responsible.”


Overcoming evil part of you will not give you  control over life because you can never overcome yourself. However, making an ally from it and fully understanding it will give you the key of success for you will unite your natures and become stronger.


Liberalism is the paradigm that suggests that peace and cooperation is possible in the world politics.

Russel Bova in  How The World Works

Crushed Dreams

How does it feel when your dreams crash under the pressure of reality? Dreams, which your imagination has been feeding since your birth, are broken into infinite number of small pieces that are instantaneously consumed by emotionless time. It feels like someone has stolen something extremely important from you. You feel that something has died in your heart. Suddenly, all feelings vanish, you become apathetic. You experience the moment of realization or enlightenment. Everything is clear in your mind: you know what to do, and how to do it. But this ultimate understanding lasts merely a fraction of a second. Then, the energy freed from distraction of dreams starts to transform itself into new dreams. New dream creating cycle begins. Your mind becomes blur. You close your eyes, and you sink in the ocean of newly created dreams. This ocean hides your paralyzed mind under its deep layers of sweet dreams. You are not able to resist it because its power grows as your will disappears. Then you touch the bottom which immediately becomes part of you. By this moment, you don’t remember anything. Reality is no longer part of your life equation.

Sweet Dreams

Why is it impossible to travel with a speed of light?

  • m– mass of an object 
  • c-speed of light 
  • v-speed of  an object 
  • E-energy required


  • Speed of object is 99.999999666438906878704733792869% of speed of light.

E= (m*(299 792 458 m/s)^2)/((1-((299 792457.000009m/s)^2)/(299 792 458 m/s)^2))^1/2

E=(m* (8.987551787368176e+16 m/s))/(2.5828824797042237670667301169722e-8)

E= m *3.47965959 × 1024

If we continue to approach speed of light, our mass will be equal to infinity.

If the object continue to approach speed of light, his mass will approach infinite value. Therefore, the energy needed to travel with a speed of light will be infinite (E=m C^2) which means it is impossible to travel with a speed of light.



“The unexamined life is not worth living. 

                                                  Socrate (469 BC – 399BC)