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The feeling of life

People feel that they are alive  when they are facing death.

   Sorry I don’t know who said it.


Socratic Method

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This method was invented by Socrates (469-399 BC) who was a classical Greek philosopher.

          The Socratic Method is defined as a process which aims to augment knowledge, to resolve doubt, or  to solve a problem. It is commonly used in schools and universities because it  helps students to improve their critical thinking skills and  to simplify the understanding of a new material. The essential element of the Socratic method is  questioning; it  reveals hidden assumptions which are analysed  in order to check their real value.

Elements of the Socratic Questioning

Ad hominem

  •  Although it is considered as a logical fallacy, it is used in the Socratic method to provoke critical thinking. The questions are aimed not on the logic of thoughts but on the personal beliefs.


  • People should  be interested in the conversation so that the discussion brings up as much as possible of  the ideas.

Remember why you are doing it

  • It happens, sometimes, that people forget the purpose of the Socratic questioning, which is to acquire knowledge, and they start getting emotionally attached to their beliefs which diminishes their view of the situation; consequently, it makes the Socratic method inefficient.

Types of questions

  • Ideally, the Socratic questions shouldn’t guide someone’s reasoning towards pr-established goal (Teachers in school essentially use  leading questions to guide thinking of their students towards a goal). It should be spontaneous.

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