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The culture is human made creature which does not have a heart and consciousness. Still, this soulless being exis


Multiple realities


        Reality is the system of certain beliefs, physical laws, and other sets of natural or unnatural phenomena. All human beings live in their reality since each person has his own system of beliefs and values. Also, there is a collective reality in which the majority of people live, for, even though, each person lives in his subjective reality, it inevitably interacts with the realities of other people: this happens because all these subjective realities have certain characteristics in common, such as physical laws and cultures. In other words, imagine that you reality is A, and the  reality of someone else is B, than the collective reality between you and this person is (A u B).

So here is my question.

  • Do we have to live in the collective reality and force other people whose realities don’t intersect with ours into accepting our common beliefs and  notions?


  • Do we have to live in the society and  to force other people who don’t want to live in it into accepting it?

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