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God as a unity


Formation Of Ideas

Formation Of Ideas

Playing with logic (logical fallacy) #5

Mindless state frees humans from suffering. For example, different forms of drugs and entertainment give humans the possibility to escape from the suffering world by inducing them into mindless state. Therefore, death gives freedom from any suffering and it is equal to permanent drug or entertainment, since death is the constant mindless state.

Playing with logic #4

We love something because it is composed of the elements which please us. These elements are universal, and there are infinitely many of them since they appear as long as we live. Therefore, they can be put together in infinitely many different ways, so there are infinitely many things in the world that humans  love. Thus, as long as you look around and observe, the probability of finding something new that you are going to love equals 100%. For this reason, we are surrounded by different things we love.

Playing with logic #3

Life is short; consequently, we don’t have enough time to accomplish all our dreams. If you accomplish your dreams, than you have had enough time. Therefore, your life has not been short.

There is a logical fallacy in it.

Playing with logic #2

Assumption is a  piece of not verified information that is considered by an individual to be true. Everyday human   expectations are mostly built on the assumptions. For example, every day we wake up, we expect the sun to be in its place or that no one from our family have died during the night. If human predictions are mostly built on the uncertain information, then humans cannot know what is going to happen to them in future.  If humans do not know that, then it is impossible to be prepared. Therefore, people life is full of surprising moments.