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Formation Of Ideas

Formation Of Ideas


Art is the path to human soul!

Art is about our heart, soul, nature and reason. Art is everything around us and Art is us.

The Human Herd

If we observe the development of humanity through ages of human evolution, we are going to notice the same pattern, search for uniqueness. Everyone wants to be different and must be different; this can be easily observed in every written book, conversation, and movie. However, this search for uniqueness is the eternal source of human problems because difference creates instability.

Asymmetric  world is unstable, for the parts of such system are always changing. Think about it, what is harder  to control, herd of sheep or herd of sheep mixed with wolves and elephants. Obviously, the second herd cannot even exist in nature, but if it existed, then it would be impossible to control, since wolves  eat sheep. Now, let’s think about human society: we have social hierarchy and tend to stay in groups. This herd behavior is called the human herd.  Sheep herd is a symmetric system which can be easily controlled by dogs, for their behavior fallows  the same pattern, since they are all the same and respond in the same way to stimuli. On the other hand, human society is an asymmetric system  because it is composed from individuals whose values and interest change unpredictably. Thus, making it really hard to control. However, the difference between individuals creates conflicts and leads to social instability. To eliminate the social conflicts and make society easy to control, government is installed and propaganda of certain values is made.

Different social movements are fighting this system, the most popular of them are Anarchists and Anonymous. These social movements go against the homogenization of culture and society and promote uniqueness and critical thinking. In the same time, they are destabilizing current social system by increasing the gap between humans; thus, creating fertile soil for social conflicts on different levels and destroying current human civilization.

The modern progress of humanity is due to the homogenization of cultures and individuals. For example, the promotion of consumerism among people supplement economical growth of many countries. Also, the promotion of common ideology – democracy and human rights- makes wars less frequent among countries who accepted it. No one would fight with oneself (by this I mean no one  would attack another person whose believes are completely similar to one’s). In addition, this homogenization permits to humans to focus on the specific fields of research making the results faster to achieve, for the task is accomplished faster if there are 20 people working on it, than if there is only one human.

It’s clear that humans have chosen symmetric system which for certain boosts our chances of survivor and progress. However, one question worries me: Is the loss of individuality for the sake of human progress  worth it?

Playing with logic (logical fallacy) #5

Mindless state frees humans from suffering. For example, different forms of drugs and entertainment give humans the possibility to escape from the suffering world by inducing them into mindless state. Therefore, death gives freedom from any suffering and it is equal to permanent drug or entertainment, since death is the constant mindless state.

Question which human mind is unable to contain

Question which human mind is unable to contain

How publicity works?

All of the marketing strategies are based on the priming effect. Priming effect is the psychological trick which uses human inability to control associative activation: the term used to describe when one idea evokes other associated ideas, launching a domino chain. Also, one must agree, ideas provoke action and change in psychological state. For example, when you think about sex, you will experience specific emotions, and you may take certain actions. To sum up, publicity uses different stimuli to prime (the process of applying priming effect) a consumer to a specific type of emotions and actions.

Multiple realities


        Reality is the system of certain beliefs, physical laws, and other sets of natural or unnatural phenomena. All human beings live in their reality since each person has his own system of beliefs and values. Also, there is a collective reality in which the majority of people live, for, even though, each person lives in his subjective reality, it inevitably interacts with the realities of other people: this happens because all these subjective realities have certain characteristics in common, such as physical laws and cultures. In other words, imagine that you reality is A, and the  reality of someone else is B, than the collective reality between you and this person is (A u B).

So here is my question.

  • Do we have to live in the collective reality and force other people whose realities don’t intersect with ours into accepting our common beliefs and  notions?


  • Do we have to live in the society and  to force other people who don’t want to live in it into accepting it?

Write your opinion in the comments section.

Playing with logic #4

We love something because it is composed of the elements which please us. These elements are universal, and there are infinitely many of them since they appear as long as we live. Therefore, they can be put together in infinitely many different ways, so there are infinitely many things in the world that humans  love. Thus, as long as you look around and observe, the probability of finding something new that you are going to love equals 100%. For this reason, we are surrounded by different things we love.

Why international powers are so interested in the Arctic?

Arctic riches

Global Warming makes the Arctic more accessible to tourists and, more importantly, to resource exploitation machinery. According to the US Geological Survey, the Arctic, supposedly, has 13% of world’s undiscovered oil and 30% of its undiscovered gaz. The value of these resources increases as the supply for them decreases and as the demand for them rises.  In addition, the tension over the Arctic is magnified by the fact that there is no state that owns the Arctic region. As a result, political powers that surround Arctic try to push their boarders toward the Arctic resource treasury, while increasing their military presence in the Arctic region in an effort to secure their part of Artic resources.  Those powers are Canada, Denmark, Russia, Norway, and the United States. These countries search to maximize their control over some Arctic regions which lead, in some cases, to diplomatic conflicts. For example, in 2007,  when Russian scientists planted the Russian flag at the sea bed of North Pole, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister immediately described this action as inacceptable because, even though, it has not been proven yet, the North Pole is a part of Canadian territory and, therefore, its property. Needless to say that the Arctic question will generate more international conflicts in the future for it is clear that political powers will not miss the chance to acquire Arctic resources and, consequently, significantly shift the balance of political power on their side.

Why is it impossible to travel with a speed of light?

  • m– mass of an object 
  • c-speed of light 
  • v-speed of  an object 
  • E-energy required


  • Speed of object is 99.999999666438906878704733792869% of speed of light.

E= (m*(299 792 458 m/s)^2)/((1-((299 792457.000009m/s)^2)/(299 792 458 m/s)^2))^1/2

E=(m* (8.987551787368176e+16 m/s))/(2.5828824797042237670667301169722e-8)

E= m *3.47965959 × 1024

If we continue to approach speed of light, our mass will be equal to infinity.

If the object continue to approach speed of light, his mass will approach infinite value. Therefore, the energy needed to travel with a speed of light will be infinite (E=m C^2) which means it is impossible to travel with a speed of light.