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My, my creation!

I can hear it. Her voice, Her calm and sweet voice. She looks at me and smiles.

No, no. Please don’t… Look at the floor. Hide my eyes.

Oh noo! My, My hands are shaking, my heart starts beating faster.I know this feeling,

It’s the same as the first time I saw her

Quick,This feeling, I should suppress it. I should destroy it before it takes control of my entire body.

She is calling me!! She wants to talk to me!

No, I can’t, I should not. She is a real one!!!!

If I talk to her, it will destroy the divine statue of her that I built in these years, these sleepless nights.

I can’t talk to her. If I do, it will destroy her. The statue that I carefully shaped in my imagination.

This perfect being that I visit in my lucid dreams.

I cannot kill her, the ideal her is too precious for me. Virtual her is my goddess,

The real one is just ugly attempt to…. She is just human, like me, and everybody else.

No, no, no.. She is calling me again! What should I do?

She is approaching. Fast, think, I should protect my creation, once and for all.

I feel this power, she is giving it to me. I and my creation will be together till I die!

Each time, I close my eyes, I see you, The perfect you!

She touches my shoulder. I quickly turn, and jump on her.

I squeeze her neck with my hands, I’m not shaking anymore. I know what needs to be done.

I look at her eyes, I see her soul living this flesh, she is nothing, just human, like you and me.

She stops resisting  after two minutes.

I let her human body go, it hits the floor, everyone is looking at me,

I don’t care, I protected my goddess, my creation, nothing will separate us anymore and nothing can harm us.

I close my eyes…

She is there, looking at me and smiling.

Her calm and sweet voice….