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Help me, I’m afraid!

Where am I?

It’s cold and dark out here. It smells terrible, I cannot breath.

I hear slowly approaching footsteps. I feel this.

He is here. What do I do? I cannot move.

No, he knows where I am. Some one help me!

Don’t, Don’t do this to me. No, don’t cut me. AHHHHhhh My body, my body is ….


He left. When will it  all end? I can’t take it anymore. I won’t last long.

I don’t wanna die, I’m too young and … Why it’s me not someone else?

God please! Save me!

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Crushed Dreams

How does it feel when your dreams crash under the pressure of reality? Dreams, which your imagination has been feeding since your birth, are broken into infinite number of small pieces that are instantaneously consumed by emotionless time. It feels like someone has stolen something extremely important from you. You feel that something has died in your heart. Suddenly, all feelings vanish, you become apathetic. You experience the moment of realization or enlightenment. Everything is clear in your mind: you know what to do, and how to do it. But this ultimate understanding lasts merely a fraction of a second. Then, the energy freed from distraction of dreams starts to transform itself into new dreams. New dream creating cycle begins. Your mind becomes blur. You close your eyes, and you sink in the ocean of newly created dreams. This ocean hides your paralyzed mind under its deep layers of sweet dreams. You are not able to resist it because its power grows as your will disappears. Then you touch the bottom which immediately becomes part of you. By this moment, you don’t remember anything. Reality is no longer part of your life equation.

Sweet Dreams

Types of people who go to a library

Each time you go to a library, you see different individuals sitting there and reading books. Those people can be classified according to their motivations: students, book lovers, and pass timers.

Students, the first type, spend their whole day learning in the library. They come to the library to do assignments, to complete research papers, or to review their notes. They can be easily identified by their MacBook Pro laptops and tired faces. Also, they usually have different scientific books on their tables. For example, if you see a person who has a laptop and book with a title Algebra and Trigonometry by Robert F. Blitzer, the person that you are looking at will certainly be a student.

The second type is book lovers. They enjoy reading various book genres: novel, crime, fiction, mystery etc. Also, they are passionate thinkers. If you see a person who reads a book for an hour then puts it away, and stares at floor, this person will probably be a book lover. You may see them in the library, especially during weekends.

On the other hand, there are people who don’t care about reading and books; they are called pass timers.  They come to the library because they have nothing else to do, their favorite activities in the library are sleeping in a chairs, observing people through book shelf, and showing off by taking a large book with a sophisticated title.

Next time, if you see a guy with a big philosophy book who reads it by quickly turning pages, you will know what he is really doing. Hopefully, this classification may help you to find out who is sitting next to you in the library.