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Art is the path to human soul!

Art is about our heart, soul, nature and reason. Art is everything around us and Art is us.


Crushed Dreams

How does it feel when your dreams crash under the pressure of reality? Dreams, which your imagination has been feeding since your birth, are broken into infinite number of small pieces that are instantaneously consumed by emotionless time. It feels like someone has stolen something extremely important from you. You feel that something has died in your heart. Suddenly, all feelings vanish, you become apathetic. You experience the moment of realization or enlightenment. Everything is clear in your mind: you know what to do, and how to do it. But this ultimate understanding lasts merely a fraction of a second. Then, the energy freed from distraction of dreams starts to transform itself into new dreams. New dream creating cycle begins. Your mind becomes blur. You close your eyes, and you sink in the ocean of newly created dreams. This ocean hides your paralyzed mind under its deep layers of sweet dreams. You are not able to resist it because its power grows as your will disappears. Then you touch the bottom which immediately becomes part of you. By this moment, you don’t remember anything. Reality is no longer part of your life equation.

Sweet Dreams